Baishampayan Ghose

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Last updated « 24 Mar 2024 »

I am Baishampayan, a technologist & entrepreneur. I know, my name can be a bit difficult to pronounce; you are welcome to call me ‘beegee’ /biːdʒiː/.

I am currently founder & cto at TeamOhana where we are working on solving the problem of headcount management for enterprises undergoing rapid growth. Previously, I was co-founder & cto at Helpshift where we pioneered the now ubiquitous in-app customer support experience.

Technology lies at the intersection of science and humanities—solving a business problem is as much a people problem as it is an engineering problem. I learnt the art of software engineering by spending a large part of my youth volunteering for free software projects in addition to a fair share of technology activism. I have been witness to the human ingenuity which has created the world we know today. Though much older now, I still draw from those experiences when I am solving the complex challenges of leading a technology company.

Contact me on LinkedIn or [email protected]